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Sound is
Wonderful, Beautiful,
Intoxicating, Irresistible.
It creates atmosphere and stimulates mood. It builds memories. It invokes emotion.
Something untouchable, something strong, overwhelming by its own language.
- Sound Mechanics - 
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Picture of me
A bit of history

I love sound, I love creating it and I love hearing it. My name is Michael Woodman a musician, composer and sound designer based in the UK.
From the beginning music and sound captured my complete attention, from
listening to The Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' or Holst 'The Planets Suite' to hearing waves crashing on a beach or a brewing storm.
It has always been a passion and is part of who I am...

Progressive rock caught my teenage attention and I listened and learnt from bands like Genesis and Yes, artists like Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, but there have been so many other bands, artists and genres that have given inspiration, that I could not put them all here.

Not formally trained as a musician other than achieving classical guitar grade one, my main instrument has been the bass guitar, a trusty Rickenbacker 4003, (a little worse for wear), which has travelled with me since 1984. Over the years I have spent time playing in bands and recording music for myself and friends, starting out with early Fostex recorders.
In recent years I have become fascinated with Digital Audio Workstations and the endless possibilities they offer. I started  with Magix Software, Cubase and finally settled down with Logic Pro. I have tried, tested bought and sold hardware and software over the years refining and customising my own studio.

Along with my fascination for the changes in recording software, I discovered an interest in software synthesizers and have been captivated with their development ever since... classic emulations and modern creations alike!
I get excited to see many of the early synthesizers, like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Minimoog and Yamaha's CS80 being recreated and preserved as software emulations. Out of my reach back in their heyday it's so good to be able to play and hear the capabilities of these instruments now.

So today I just play with these instruments and make sounds, on occasions I put some of those sounds together to listen, to experiment and create!

Michael Woodman
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