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Juno Vibrations
Juno Vibrations -sound bank and presets for Arturia Jun-6 V
Juno Vibrations - sound bank for Arturia's Jun-6 V

65 patches for Arturia's Jun-6 V plugin and standalone synthesizer, an emulation of the classic Juno-6 synthesizer.

The bank consists of standard bass, lead and string/pad patches, but adds a few experimental sounds to push the possibilities not found in the original hardware. Check the sound samples below along with a run through all presets on Youtube.

One of the most iconic synths of the 1980's released in 1982, a forerunner to the Juno-60 and Juno-106. With an easy to use interface plus modern additions like Delay and Reverb, just load it in your favourite workstation and start making music.

Price £8.50

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